Thursday, 22 July 2010

A big hello and a few random things..... :)

Hi Everyone, long time, no blog!

And what a naughty blogger I've been too!
Things are still very much up in the air with our house, but hopefully this is the last leg of it before the builders start.

Meanwhile, everything has been crazy in preparation, so I'm so sorry for not being around to catch up with all your lovely blogs.

As you may have noticed, my blog has had a bit of a makeover too. I loved my old blog, but was about to loose the images due to the blog providers site changes, boo hoo!
Oh well, at least I've managed to find another owl to keep me company, twit twoo :)

I thought I would show you a few things I've been up to, along with some packing up photos.

I've been very naughty lately and bought the WRMK Cinch, boy what a whopper! As you can see next to my BIA, but I love it!!!!!!!!!!
I also bought some wonderful paper stacks, two of them are boys paper which is fab for me, living with so many males, lol! And as we all know, crafting for males can be soooooo tricky!

I also decided to treat the kids to some crafty bits, so with the help of some fun paint and large stones from the garden, we set to work on making some rock people, and we think they look great!
My youngest (Robbie) who's nearly six loved making these (as you can tell from the photo, it was very hot that day, lol!)
My eldest who's nine is in sunny Dublin visiting his grandparents at the moment, but I know he will love these too! Hi Zach, if you're reading this xxx :)

Also, I'm still deciding on worktops for the kitchen, I think we may go for real wood, as I just love the warmth of wood.
The only problem is.... the kitchen fitter brought round walnut and oak, oh no!!! I love them both!!!!!

Anyway my lovely crafty pals, sorry once again I've not being around to catch up with the news and all your wonderful blogs, promise to sort that out soon!

Big Hugs!

Suzie xxxxxxx :)