Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Horray!! I'm finally in, and thanks Dr. Phil, your book came in real handy, he! he!

Hello to all my lovely blogging pals :)

So sorry for my recent lack of blogging, but I've had a nightmare with blogger these last few weeks, which has ment that I have not been able to either update my own blog, or indeed, comment on yours :(

Anyway, after weeks of trying (and nearly giving up!) it finally let me in today, horray!!!

Soooo, moving swiftly on(to all things crafty) I thought I would show you what I've been up to, whilst I've been away (so to speak).

It's been a hectic last few weeks, but with lots of nice things too :)
Which included a visit from one of my lovely sisters last week, and a trip to the Cotswolds, plus, I had my colours done last Friday too!
Not sure what that means?
Well nore did I, lol! But basically it meant a girly night out with lots of drinks and nibbles and colours being put up against your face and finding out what colour pallete suits you best.

Would you beleive, I was a tricky one, there's a surprise, he! he!
And rather than the 80% of people who tend to come under a season of colour, eg. Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter. I come under everything Light? Which basically means all soft light colours, but NO black, of which I were a lot of, yikes!!!

I've also been kept very busy with lots of crafty things, as some of you know, I'm currenly running a goody bag swap over on the Do Crafts Website, and our goodies are due to be sent this week, yikes!! (again)

I had set the swap to include, handmade flowers, tags, cards, and embellishments, then ofcourse came the challenge of trying to find inspiration, gulp!
Then... as if by magic, my lovely crafty friend Carole, told me about this wonderful website called Pinterest, OMG!!! all I can tell you, is that I'm hooked!!!
And yes Carole, that is all your fault, lol!

Anyway, having discovered so many wonderful and inspiring craft ideas from this magical website, I set to work, and hit my stash, big time!!!

One of the things I have most enjoyed is discovering how to make paper roses.
I noted from the pictures I had seen (which inspired me to do this) they had used old books.
Now, I don't know about you, but I just can't quite bring myself to rip up a lovely old book, there's just something so charming about them.

Sooo, decided to take a peek at any "not so old" books that I may alreay have lying around.
After much searching, I came across the perfect book, Dr. Phil's "The ultimate weight solution", lol!
It was gathering dust on my shelf (just like all my other weight books, which promised to make me a size 10, but never did, lol!) so decided to put it to some good use, so happily tore into it and made loads of paper roses :) the pages were even slightly aged too, perfect for that shabby chic look, lol!
So thanks Dr. Phil, your book came in reeeaaal handy!!!

I've also included a few pics of some mini albums I've started to work on. I purchased a wonderful mini album kit from my lovely friend Alyson, and have had great fun playing with that too!
Not finished yet, but thought you might like to take a peek at how they're coming along, I have including a few bits and bobs from my stash too, which mix and match really well, along with a few stick pins I've been busy making ,oh yes, forget to mention, I adore making them too!

So, all in all a very crafty few weeks. I promise to try and catch up with all your wonderful blogs, and hope too that you've all managed some lovely crafty time also.

Suzie xxxxx :)