Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zach's Smash Book, kids love Smashing too!!! :)

Hi Everyone

Those of you that follow my blog and are friends on the FB Smash groups, will know just how much I adore Smashbooks and all things Smashy :)

I thought you would like to see my Son Zach's Smash book (who's 11) and the pages he has decorated so far.

I think it is such a wonderful way for kids to share a hobby with you, and crate and capture memories of their own, and keep things that are meaningful to them.
It's great to know they can look back in years to come, and see the things that ment so much to them as a child,
and a wonderful way to capture memories, that over the years, are so very easily forgotten.

I only wish I had had one as a child, I would soooo love to look back now, and re-capture some wonderful memories of my childhood.

My other child Robbie (who's 7) also loves Smashing too, but perhaps not as much, the Wii and Football seem that bit more appealing to him at the moment, lol! But, still he manages the odd pages now and again, and loves it when he does :)

I urge any parents out there to give this a go with their children. Remember, Smashing is for ALL ages, and such fun too!

Anyway, hope you enjoy Zach's pages, he is so chuffed with his Smash book, and would love to see your comments and encouragement.

Hugs and more soon!

Suzie xxxx :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Craft Room, More Stash & my Handmade Smashbook :)

Hello to all my wonderful blog friends and family :)

It's Sunday and such a wonderful spring like day. Feeling a bit rough around the edges though, as we had friends round for dinner last night, and after a major house tidy and lots of food, drink and a rather late night,feeling very much pooped today. Oh well, thank goodness for chill out Sundays and time to recover, lol!

I thought today, I would share with you some pics of my Craft room, ofcourse I had to take full advantage and show you whilst it's tidy, as it is NEVER! usually this tidy lol!:)

I have also included more pics of my latest Smash stash purchases. Yes I know, more Smashing!! I really do have it bad! This was very naughty!!!

And finally....My handmade Smashbook!

Having recently joined a couple of Smash book groups on Facebook, where we share ideas and our love of all things Smash!
I noticed someone had covered their book in a wonderful whimsical style of a little girl flying above the roof tops and loved it!

So thought I would have a little go myself at making my own as she said it was easy to do :)

So, here's my version...

This idea was not my own, and has been copied so full credit for the idea has to go to someone else, but I did decide to add a few little touches of my own, like the little hat and flower, sparkles on her shoes and wings, skeleton leaf wings, chimney pots, my own words and a magic wand. I loved making the houses too, cut out of scraps of old paper, the little windows and doors are hand drawn :)

I have to say I really am so chuffed with it, although I think I need to practice drawing faces a little more :)

Anyway, that's all for now, hope you have all had a good week-end, back with more soon!

Happy Crafting!

Suzie xxxx :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A peek inside my SMASH BOOK! :)

Hello again to all my lovely followers and crafty friends!

Thank you so much for such a warm and wonderful welcome back to the world of blogging, as mentioned before, it's been far too long, but hey, I'm back now, and with two posts in one week, Woo Hoo!!!

As many of you have asked to have a little peek inside my Smash book, and see what all the fuss is about, I thought I would happily share some pages with you all.

Not the clearest of pics I'm afraid, but there was lots of sunshine streaming through the window at the time, so not a bad complaint really, I suppose, lol!

It has to be said, I am totally HOOKED!! on these little books, why is that? you may ask? because they are soooooo much fun!!!

I adore scrapbooking, and have made many layouts, both 12 x 12 and 8 x 8, which I love too!

But.... as much as I love them, and I do love them!! they tend to take a bit of planning, picking the right photo, co-ordinate papers, embellishments and so on.
Where as this, is "messy" scrapping, if you like. Not that I think of my scrummy Smash books as being messy, oh no! but love the fun of just not worrying about what goes where to much, and everything looking perfect.

I have a few Smash books now, infact, rather a lot!! See I told you I had it bad.
One big order arrived yesterday, and another HUGE one on the way, gulp!!!

This really is getting out of hand, and trying to find hiding places around the house is proving difficult too, as I think if hubby finds out, and takes a peek at the bank balance after my sneaky crafty spends, he might just keel over with shock! lol!

Anyway, no more crafty spends for me for a while, but will let you know when everything arrives, and take a little pic to show you all :)

But for's a peek inside my PINK Smash book :)
All very random, filled with bits and bobs I like and love, tickets, photos, tags, little drawings from my children, happy quotes, and anything really that makes me smile :)

I may try a themed Smash book next time, but for now, I am having huge fun with this one :) Oh, and anyone thinking of getting the Wedding Smash book, go ahead, it is STUNNING!!! Oh yes, I'm afaid I've got that one too, he! he!

I have also included a picture of the Easter cake I made from a receipe card sent to me by my lovely friend Carole, thank you Carole, it was scrummy!

I followed the receipe to a tee, and was so proud of what I had done, that was until the final stage, where I popped it under the grill to let the marzipan topping toast, only toast it did, infact a little too much!
Whilst chatting to my lovely sister (who came over for a brief visit from Dubin) we suddenly jumped up from our seats to the smell of burning, yikes! "My Cake" I shouted! "It's on fire!!!"

Anyway, after lots of faffing about, and scraping off of burnty bits, a bit of icing sugar and a few little birdies came to the resue, and it looked as good as new, (well almost) lol!

Suzie xxx :)

PS. Carole, I promise to include my layouts in my next post :)

And finally....drum roll please.....

The Burnt Cake!!! ahem, I mean the BEAUTIFUL cake :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

SMASH BOOKS! My new love :)

To all my wonderful followers, it has been far too long since I last posted, so thought it was about time for a little update :)

Lots of crafting has been done, horray!!! but alas not much posting :( sorry everyone!
I promise to try and be a better blogger from now on, with more regular updates and comments on all your wonderful blogs too :)

Since last posting, I have done ooooooodles of crafting, mini albums, tags, cards, I was even given a sewing machine for my birthday, Woo Hoo!
And best of all, I have re-discovered my love of scrapbooking, I had honestly forgotten what fun it could be :)

I have also become totally addicted to "Smash booking" (if that's the correct term) you know, those quirky little books with so many adorable pages. It's basically old school scrapbooking but with a wonderful quirky twist.

For anyone reading who may have not yet discovered the true scrumminess of these little gems, I thought I would include some pics of some recent Smash stash and show some of the yummy papers within these adorable smash books.
Plus, a sneak peek at how one of my smash books is now starting to look, nice and chubby and full of yumminess!

Promise to be back soon for lots more Smash book updates and lots more other craftyness too!

Hugs to you all, my lovely crafty friends :)

Suzie xxxx :)