Thursday, 12 April 2012

SMASH BOOKS! My new love :)

To all my wonderful followers, it has been far too long since I last posted, so thought it was about time for a little update :)

Lots of crafting has been done, horray!!! but alas not much posting :( sorry everyone!
I promise to try and be a better blogger from now on, with more regular updates and comments on all your wonderful blogs too :)

Since last posting, I have done ooooooodles of crafting, mini albums, tags, cards, I was even given a sewing machine for my birthday, Woo Hoo!
And best of all, I have re-discovered my love of scrapbooking, I had honestly forgotten what fun it could be :)

I have also become totally addicted to "Smash booking" (if that's the correct term) you know, those quirky little books with so many adorable pages. It's basically old school scrapbooking but with a wonderful quirky twist.

For anyone reading who may have not yet discovered the true scrumminess of these little gems, I thought I would include some pics of some recent Smash stash and show some of the yummy papers within these adorable smash books.
Plus, a sneak peek at how one of my smash books is now starting to look, nice and chubby and full of yumminess!

Promise to be back soon for lots more Smash book updates and lots more other craftyness too!

Hugs to you all, my lovely crafty friends :)

Suzie xxxx :)


Catherine said...

Fab smash books.....

SusieJ said...

Fabulous !!! I'm just starting my first Smash book....first pages will be all about the ballet I'm seeing tomorrow!
Hugs xx
p.s. great to see you blogging again!

Samantha Wright said...

wow yours is looking pretty fill you'll have to share some of the inside pages cos I haven't got a clue what they are lol they look like cute books!

crafting to stay sane said...

Wow you are hooked on SMASH BOOKS lol!! Great to see you blogging again!
hugs Aly x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! Delighted with your "Smash" book gift! Spent the other night filling it and making a right mess in the process! Yours look very full. Please show us some of the contents! Mam xxxx :D

SueB said...

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments, and to have such a warm welcome back to the world of blogging :)

How fab to see my lovely Mum has managed to post too :)
So pleased you love your Smashbook Mum, will send some more smash goodies soon!

For all those of you that asked, I promise to give you a peek inside my lovely Smashbook, so watch out for my next post :)

Big Hugs to you all!
Suzie xxxx :)

Louise said...

oh wow! I've just purchased the pink smash book and have no idea what to do with it - an impulse buy!

Would love to see the inside of your smash book too. I need some ideas if i'm ever to fill mine!

Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment today xx

Carole said...

Yay! Finally, a lovely blog post from Suzie :) BUT, can't believe that you didn't show your scrapbook pages that you did with us, nor the inside of your scrummy looking Smash book - so need to see inside please!

Look forward to your next post :)

Hugs, Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

welcome back suzie, long time no blog...

yes can see you are hooked on 'smashing'... I got the mini one for my florida trip, but only managed a few pages while there (was too busy through the day and too knackered in the evenings, lol)...

I've just got the blue one for steven and fancy the pink one myself, (but no where has it)... saying that, it'snfinding the time to scrap, let alone smash, lol...

maria xx

Roxy said...

Oh man, you have got it BAD!!!