Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year and lots of random festive pics :)

Happy New year to all my lovely blog followers! Gosh, is it really 2012 already?! Yikes!!! We had a really lovely Christmas and hope that you did too. I'm just cathing up with everything now, and trying to get into the swing of another new year. So, that usually means lots of sorting out, paying new bills, yuck! and generally trying to be more organised than the previous year, well, I can but try, lol! Anyway, here are a few random photos of some the things which helped make our home look festive, along with some of the things we made and got up to over the festive season, plus some of the wonderful gifts we were so fortunate to receive, and even a bit of baking too! Oh yes, I made two Christmas cakes, one for me to decorate in peace, and one for the kids to decorate to their hearts content. Pleased to report this system worked wonders, and we both ended up with two yummy nicely decorated cakes, with no arguments, yippeee!!!! I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and Santa AKA my three boys (Hubby and kids) bought me the most wonderful Pandora charm bracelet. This was such a wonderful surprise, as I'm not really a jewelry person, but just loved this, and each of them chose a little charm which came in the cutest little box too! Oh, and must mention the fantastic fun hats sent by one of my sisters for the kids, they are just soooooo cute, can you work out who they are? Answers on a postcard please, lol! Anyway, here's a few pics as promised starting with our cakes, yum!!!
Some bicester villiage bargain buys. I am soooo inlove with this little jug and pencil tins, they are just perfect for all my colouring pencils :)
Fab fun hats that arrived in the post from my sister Louise, thanks Lou, we love them!!! Can you guess who they are?
My beautiful gifts from Santa :) A heart charm from Kevin, and snowman from Zach and and Angel from Robbie.
The kids got some Smash books and were delighted with them, more on those in my next post. But think they are my new crafty addiction, and kids seemed to like them too!
A few things that helped make our home look festive :)
And finally..... here's a Christmas card and envelope I whipped up for Kevin, on Christmas morning! Yikes! Talk about last minute, lol! I had to think quick in my oh so messy and tiny craft room, but still I think it turned out well, I promise to be better organised next Christmas :) oh, and a few latest pics of Barney our 10 month old puppy.
Pheweeee! Think that's all for now folks, thank goodness says you :) But I hope to be back soon, talking about my latest crafty addiction, SMASH BOOKS!!!! Yes, I'm afarid I crumbled and bought one, infact I bought two, greedy me! Yes, and have to say I'm pretty hooked. Anyway, more about that on my next post. Happy Crafting! Suzie xxxx :)


Svjetlana said...

Hi Suzie,

I am glad you had a great Christmas. I wish you and your family very happy and prosperious New Year.

Svjetlana x

craftattack said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Hugs, Valerie

Roxy said...

Yay, I'm so glad you got into "smashing" too! Now we just have to get Carole going and we'll have a little smash-gang, haha! Actually, I know at least two more people with blogs that have SMASH books, so I'll have to see if I can get them into it as well, the more the merrier! My daughter's been bugging me to do a page in my book, but I'm too selfish to let her just yet. I'm definitely getting her one for her 7th b-day on Valentine's Day, then she can smash to her heart's content!

Anyway, enough on that! Your house looks gorgeous and Christmas-ey, love all your cute decorations! And your cakes look FANTASTIC! I'm not much of a jewelry person either, but I love your bracelet, that's very nice of your boys to get you that - very meaningful, especially for boys! Well, I'm being summoned to play, so I'd better turn off the 'puter now, hugs, Roxy.

Felicia said...

Happy new year suzie, I have to say, i'm in love with your home - its beautiful!!!
the boys look like they had a great time, love the cakes and they look so cosy in their pj's.
I haven't looked at smash books yet, i'll wait to see what you did with yours first!!
Wishing you all the best for 2012,
Felicia x

Carole said...

YAY - Suzie blogged :) (Sorry if I nagged you to blog, but I'm sure everyone is glad that you did judging by the comments you've had already!!!)

Your house looked so lovely and Christmassy :)

Both cakes looked fab, your Pandora bracelet is lovely,those hats are brill, Barney is too cute and you know exactly what I think of your Emma Bridgewater purchases ;)

Now that I have finally finished my Christmas Journal, I will have a good think about what to do in my Smash book and let you know how I get on - thanks once again for such a thoughtful gift!

Love, Carole xxx

SusieJ said...

Happy New Year Suzie!
Love the photos (Max says "Woof" to Barney!
I too have a smash book but haven't started on it yet.
Hugs xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

happy new year to you and your family suzie...

wow sounds and looks as if you've had a fab christmas, love the cakes, decorations, house, bracelet and beads for it, lol..

maria xx

Daphne said...

Happy New Year Suzie!
Great pics of your festive time! I'm very curious about your Smash Book! I do have one but don't use it.... Maybe you want to share some of your pages?! xxx

Louise said...

Hi Suzie - thank you for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment. My....after seeing your sensationally iced Christmas cake am i glad i didn't share a photo of mine lol!

Fantastic character hats your boys are modelling...sesame street?!

I will be back too i'd like to see your smash book - i've not taken the plunge...yet!x

Sam Wright said...

Hey Suzie You have just been awarded the Liebster Blog Award. Please check out my blog for more details x

Svjetlana said...

Hi Suzie

I know you are not blogging much anymore - too busy crafting (LOL), but if you are interested I have something for you on my blog .


Anonymous said...

Hello Barney! What a cute little lad! See you are allowed on the sofa already!!! Lol! CCx

Anonymous said...

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