Friday, 18 March 2011

More new house pics, as promised :)

Dear Friends

Thought you might like to see how we're getting on, now that we've finally moved back into our house, and building work complete, hurray!

Here are some pics of our new/old house, each room within our old 1930's house is either new, or has had a complete facelift. The house has had a complete refurbishment, and boy what a journey it has been! The outside has now had a lick of paint, new flashing, guttering, canopy, drive and side gate, and boy what a difference, soooo much better that before.
I have since added a lovely pancy hanging basket, which looks really lovely too, so nice to see flowers after such a long Winter :)

Anyway, still lots to do, and many rooms are not yet finished, but we're getting there and it's finally starting to look like a home again, phew!

Still to show pics of my lovely new crafty space, so keep popping by for the grand reveil, soon to come, lol!

Hugs and lots of craftyness!
Suzie xxxxx :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Feeling Inspired....

Dear Friends

As so many of you know, I've not had the opportunity to craft in soooo very long.
But just wanted to share this with you.

This is a YouTube vid I simply adore!!! and must have looked at it 100 times at least, lol!

I hope to gain inspiration and ideas to create my very own mini album dedicated to my Dad, who (if I've got my dates right) turns 70 later this year.

I've made several mini albums in the passed, some of which I have added to my blog, but they've always been very pretty and girly.

I love the style of this, masculin and some what vintage with a bit of Tim Holtz thrown in for good measure, I just love it!!!

I would also love to make one dedicated to my wonderful Nan who sadly passed away three years ago, and no doubt there will be several other people I will want to make one for along the way, if I don't run out of steam by then :)

I just think this is such a lovely idea and one that I thought I would share with you, as perhaps there is/was someone special in your life who you would also like to dedicate an album to.

Anyway, here it is...
I really love this, and hope you do to!

Hugs and happy viewing :)

Suzie xxxx :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Our building Journey.....

Dear friends

Thought I'd finally share with you some of my housey pics and take you through some of our building journey.

Sadly, so, so many of my before and during photos have been lost, I can't tell you how sad I feel about that, mostly because I wanted to make a little mini album to look back on and appreciate just how far we have come, and appreciate all that we have managed to gain from our building experience, hey ho, perhaps I'll manage to find some magic software package that will work its wonders and get them back one day :)

Until then, here are the ones I've managed to save :)

Keep posted, more pics to follow....

Suzie xxxx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

It's been soooo long, but wonderful to be back :)

Evening to all my wonderful bloggers!

Gosh, it seems sooooo very long since I last blogged, last September infact!

Well, after many months (and what seems like a hundred years!!!) we have finally moved back into our new/old house, and boy what a journey it has taken to get there, pheweeeee!!!!!

To explain to anyone passing by, or any blog followers I may still have (I do hope I still have a few :)
We moved out of our home on the 1st of October last year to make way for major building work, yes my crafty pals, our poor home was litterally pulled and knocked to bits, I kid you not!
So much so, at one point we only had two internal walls still standing, and were waving at the birdies in the sky as they flew by, OMG! and during all that snow too!

To say I was pulling my hair out at times is an understatement, and yes, I've had a few meltdown moments along the way, one of which I recall sitting on a very wet chair in what was once my old kitchen with nothing but rubble around me, and watching the snow flakes falling inside my house, thinking OMG!!! what have we done?!!!

nearly six months later, we are finally in, yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
there's still some work to be done, mainly snagging, the drive, and we still have the scaffolding up, lol! oh and still no curtains and blinds, yikes! Oh, and the odd door still needs hanging, oh and loads of painting still to be done, hmmm, yes, putting it like this, there still is a lot to be done, but heck, we're in, and it feels FAB!!!!!!!!!!

I promise to post some pics of our new/old house very soon. One thing though, I sadly lost all my before and some of my during pics, I was so upset, but hey, I have my memories, and will post what I can.

I hope you are all keeping well, I have missed you all so much, and promise to try and catch up with your blogs very soon :)
Oooh, forgot to mention, the best bit of all, I have now gained my very own little crafty spot, hurray!!!!

Hope to catch up with you all v.soon!

Biggest Hugs to you all, it's soooo good to be back!

Suzie xxxxx :)