Saturday, 29 September 2012

Busy sewing and making cupcakes, plus, a new additon to the family :)

To all my lovely followers, sorry it's been such a long time since my last post.

I could try and think of a million and one excuses, but in truth, it's far easier just to say, that life just sometimes gets in the way of all the fun stuff.

I have been busy making and baking though, and fully intend to get back into the land blogging with with you all :)

Since my last post, which by the way, Zach was absolutely delighted about (as was I) by all your wonderful and kind comments about his Smashbook, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
I have been super busy and have even become an Auntie, horray!!!!!!!!

With all this recent Smashing, I decided to make my beautiful baby niece a handmade baby Smashbook. I had such fun making it, as it was wonderful to play with sooooo much PINK, for a change :)
Sadly though, I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to my sister, darn! I also made a fab grunge type mixed media mini album which took forever!!! for my sister, which again, I forgot to snap, darn again!!!!

But.... I did remember to take a few pics of some of my more recent projects made with my wonderful new love, my sewing machine!!!! Love, love, love it!!!

So far, I have made several bits and bobs, bunting, pin cushions, and a few little simple cushions. I'm also working on some pyramid mice, which are not really working out for me just yet, but have since made some scotty dogs that do :)

So here are some pics of what I've been up to, and some of the things I did remember to take photos of :) along with a picture of my beautiful baby niece who was born in July. Love you little baba!!!!

Anyway, hugs to all my lovely crafty pals, and I promise to be back soon with more, along with some plans for craft fairs and a Christmas daily journal, can't wait!!! :)

Oh, nearly forgot, have also added just a few cupcakes I made for one of my children last week for his 8th birthday party. The little flags took nearly as long to make as the cupcakes, lol!
These are the tidy pics :) but after 14 boys, yes, I did just say 14 boys (nine of which stayed the night!) the house, plus cakes, didn't look quite the same, lol!!!

Happy Crafting
Suzie xxxx :)