Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Wonderful day and playing with my sewing machine :)

Hi Everyone

I really hope you've all enjoyed the wonderful sunshine we've had over the bank holiday, shame about the rain today :(

I was a very lucky gal, and was given a last minute ticket to go to the Chelsea flower show by my lovely friend and her sister on Saturday :) and all I can say is.... WOW!!! What an AMAZING event!!

We were totally blessed with the sunshine, it really was a glorious day, and a real feast for the eyes.  So much colour and beauty everywhere you looked.
The extra bonus ofcourse was that we went on the last day, which ment by the end of the day they started to sell off all the plants.

I really don't know what was more amazing and entertaining, seeing the spectacular displays, or seeing them being dismantled and everyone scrabbling to buy a plant. 
It was so funny seeing what some people were walking away with, giant plants 6 foot plus tall with stems and flowers everywhere!
We even spotted someone walking away with a  tree! all heading for the bus and underground home, goodness knows if they ever made it back in one piece, lol!
I managed to buy some beautiful rambling roses (for my garden arch) and some heavenly scented lavender, oooh how I love that scent :) So all in all and wonderful day!

I've also been busy sorting out my craft room, and trying to ruthless, Gosh, that's hard!  I've done several layouts, so watch out for them in the next few posts, but in the mean time.... I though I would share with you a recent card I made for Mothers Day when playing with my sewing machine. Lots of inking and distressing and a bit of twinkle too!
Don't you just love stitching on paper?  I do :)

Happy Crafting and more soon!
Suzie xxx

Monday, 20 May 2013

A room with a view and one big pampered pooch!

Dear blog friends

Although today is very dull (weather wise) I thought I would share with you some pics taken over the last few weeks of my garden, when the sun decided to peep out of the clouds and say a brief hello :)

I love the view from my kitchen window on a sunny morning. The whole room is filled with sunshine, and with it gives you that happy feeling that only the sun can bring.

I would ofcourse love panoramic views of  rolling countryside, or better still (at least for me)  twinkling sea and golden standy shores, but for now, I know I am lucky to have this lovely view and that the kids have someone wonderful to play and even enjoy helping out with the garden chores, only wish that could extend to the house chores too!

It's wonderful to watch the garden sping into life after a long and dull winter and I adore the lovely old apple tree and it's amazing display of blossoms.

I love all seasons, and think there's beauty in them all, but how lovely to finally see the long awaited sunshine!



Whilst we were busy in the garden, someone else was busy snoozing the day away in the sunny kitchen, what a pampered pooch!

I'm looking forward to scrapping these, so keep posted :)

Happy Crafting!
Suzie xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Scrapbook Challenge :)

Hello lovely bloggers

I know it's been a while, but I thought it was about time I pulled my crafty finger out, and got crafting and blogging again too!

Feeling very inspired by some creative friends, I decided to give my first true love a try again, and that's Scrapbooking!

I absolutely adore this hobby, but over the last few weeks, months and years I seemed to have lost my way.
So.... with a little help of some crafty friends and some amazing inspiration from Pinterest, I set to work and began scrapbooking again, and have to say I love it!!!!!

Here's a challenge set by two lovely crafty friends today, Carole and Emma.
And this is what I came up with...although, I have just spotted a spelling mistake in my journaling, ooops! oh well, I can change that :)

Hope to keep you posted with lots more crafty challenges and scrapbook layouts.

Big Hugs
Suzie  xxxxx