Monday, 20 May 2013

A room with a view and one big pampered pooch!

Dear blog friends

Although today is very dull (weather wise) I thought I would share with you some pics taken over the last few weeks of my garden, when the sun decided to peep out of the clouds and say a brief hello :)

I love the view from my kitchen window on a sunny morning. The whole room is filled with sunshine, and with it gives you that happy feeling that only the sun can bring.

I would ofcourse love panoramic views of  rolling countryside, or better still (at least for me)  twinkling sea and golden standy shores, but for now, I know I am lucky to have this lovely view and that the kids have someone wonderful to play and even enjoy helping out with the garden chores, only wish that could extend to the house chores too!

It's wonderful to watch the garden sping into life after a long and dull winter and I adore the lovely old apple tree and it's amazing display of blossoms.

I love all seasons, and think there's beauty in them all, but how lovely to finally see the long awaited sunshine!



Whilst we were busy in the garden, someone else was busy snoozing the day away in the sunny kitchen, what a pampered pooch!

I'm looking forward to scrapping these, so keep posted :)

Happy Crafting!
Suzie xx


Susan said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog, it made my day!

Have added myself to your band of followers, look forward to seeing your work :)

Louise said...

your garden looks like a lovely place to sit in the sun and enjoy x When the sun comes out it really does make a difference doesn't it x

SueB said...

Hi Susan, you're more than welcome and thanks for dropping by and becoming a follower here too :) x

Thank you Louise, yes, it's so nice to be able to enjoy the garden, everything crossed the sun returns tomorrow :)x

Samantha Wright said...

OMG your garden is beautiful! Think you need to come and sort our's! PlZZ!! lol How sweet does your pooch look! Loving the pillows - you make them?

SueB said...

Hi Sam! Great to hear from you! :) Yes, that's one cheeky pampered pooch, cheeky little fella.
I didn't make the cushion covers Sam, but have made a few. Hope you're doing well, looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work. Hope your little pooches are doing well too! xx

SueB said...

oh and BTW, thanks so much for your sweet words about the garden Sam. It doesn't always look as lovely, but a bit sunshine and ofcourse the wonderful blossoms make a world of difference :) xx

Angie V said...

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