Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time to get blogging!

Hi-de-Hi Campers!

Well, as you can see, I've not updated my blog for a few days now. So thought it was about time I did something about it.
During the week I received a lovely little vintage album from my swap partner Robyn, for this months mini swap over on Scrapville. The theme for this month is Hopes and Resolutions for 2010!
Thank you Robyn, it's lovely!!!

I've been a bit naughty these last few days, even though we've been busy, trying to get builders round for quotes on work we need doing on our house, I did manage a bit of stash buying, lol!
Lots of yummy stuff on its way, including a pink cuttlebug, hurray!!!!
Now, here's the naughty bit.... I already have one! So how greedy am I?!

Well, lets just say, it's the powers of QVC telly shopping and yes, those TSV easy pay options are such a killer! I just had to have it, sorry!
Well I can always e-bay my green one, or maybe just let the kids play with it.
The thing is, I'm not really a pink person, and green is one of my fave colours, but having recently bought the fabby 12" xcut guilotine (also in cream and pink) I thought this would be the perfect match for my (one day) fabby craft room! Until then, I may aswell have a co-ordinated crafty mess on my kitchen table when crafting, lol!

I hope you enjoy looking at Robyn's album. She has some wonderful demo's on utube, including showing this album. If you'd like to take a peek here it is. enjoy!xxx

My Lovely Vintage mini album from Robyn, thank you Robyn!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Latest Mini Album. This one is for Gemma, my January swap partner and the theme is Hopes and Resolutions for 2010!

Snowing again!!!

Oh yes, it's here again, but just a light dusting today to add to the magic, or chaos, depending which way you look at it! Personally, I love snow!

Well, try as I might, unfortunately I'm still having difficulty creating a slide show, boo hoo :( so it looks like it's back to photos for now. Thought you might like to see my latest mini album. I made this for Gemma, my January mini album swap partner. The theme this month was Hopes and Resolutions for 2010! I've tried to keep this one simple with lots of journaling spots and room for photos. Gemma has two little girls, so tried to make this one nice and girlie, which made a nice change for me, as I have two boys!
Anyway, I hope you like it and Gemma does too!

Take care out there everyone, and happy sparkles to you all!
Suzie xxxxx :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Crafting all day, horray!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Well I've been a bit naughty today. After my rather slushy wet and cold walk back from taking the kids to school this morning, I decided to forget the housework and do something fun, so made a start on my next mini album, lol!

This months theme/challenge is New Years Resolutions and hopes for 2010! Hmmm, the titles a bit of a challenge in itself! Anyway, after lots of cutting, sticking and glueing I've nearly finished, horray!!!! Shame the house still looks upside down, but at least I have a nice album to look at!

I hope to take some pictures of it later and create my first slide show, gulp! now there's a challenge, I've not got a clue how to do it, but hey I'll give it a go, so watch this space, lol!

Happy Sparkles to you all!!!

Suzie xxxxx :)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Our Magical Snowy Walk!

I know at this stage we're all getting a little fed up with all this snow , but thought I'd grab my camera when we went for our lovely woody walk yesterday, to try to capture some of its true magic!

Afterall, when it's all gone, it won't be long before we're all complaining about the heat, lol!

Suzie xxxx :)

My Mini Album has just arrived, Yippeee!!!!

I've just received my very first mini album from my lovely swap partner Cathy, the theme was HO HO HO, and I absolutely love it!!!!! Thank you so much Cathy!!! Here it is, I hope you like it too! xxxxxx :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Some beautiful Christmas gifts!

Here are two beautiful gifts I received at Christmas time. I am just soooo thrilled with them both.

The first is a stunning cross stitch made by my lovely friend Carole, who I met on the Do Crafts Website. I am just knocked out with it! Thank you soooo much Carole!!!

The second is from my lovely Uncle Dave, it says, Mi casa es su casa, which I understand means, my home is your home, how lovely is that!

I shall treasure them both! xxx:)

Day three and still blogging!

I'm so trilled to have so many lovely followers already, thank you all so much!!! I'm loving all your fab blogs too!

Well, it's been another snowy day today, no school, so at least the kids had fun.
I love it too, it's just so magical! But in reality, it means lots of soggy gloves, hats and socks, lol! But love it all the same!

Here's a picture of our back garden taken this morning. If it's still around tomorrow I think we may just make a snowman, horray!!!

Suzie xxxx :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Mum's Spooky Art work!

This started life as a very uninteresting set of drawers, that is, until my Mum got her hands on it. Here they stand in all their glory!
I beleive the theme is spooky vegetables!
Love it! and hope you like it too, well done Mum!
xxxx :)

Not quite halloween, but....

My Second day of blogging!

Thank you to all my lovely crafty pals for popping onto my blog and taking a peek. I love all of yours too!!!
But no one told me this blogging lark would take up so much time! Yesterday I spent so much time flaffing about (not really knowing what I was doing, but doing it all the same, lol!) that nothing else got done. So I now have a very untidy house and loads of catching up to do, oh well, it's all fun.

There's snow, snow and even more snow today!!! We've just tromped up to the school, only to find half the teachers have not turned up, half the children are not in, and now they've decided to close at 12! Oh well, it's back on with the wellies again for a snowy pic up!

Lots of snowy sparkles to you all xxxxx :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My lovely Dottee Dolly Christmas tree!

Here are some of the beautiful Dottee dolls sent to me by some of my lovely crafty pals. They're friendships dolls which we make and swap. When I started to make them, my younger child decided to call them Dilly Dollies and the name seems to have stuck!

Christmas Mini Album