Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Second day of blogging!

Thank you to all my lovely crafty pals for popping onto my blog and taking a peek. I love all of yours too!!!
But no one told me this blogging lark would take up so much time! Yesterday I spent so much time flaffing about (not really knowing what I was doing, but doing it all the same, lol!) that nothing else got done. So I now have a very untidy house and loads of catching up to do, oh well, it's all fun.

There's snow, snow and even more snow today!!! We've just tromped up to the school, only to find half the teachers have not turned up, half the children are not in, and now they've decided to close at 12! Oh well, it's back on with the wellies again for a snowy pic up!

Lots of snowy sparkles to you all xxxxx :)


jan said...

lovely snow for pictures anyway for scrapbooking etc.enjoy it all, and the kids snowmen too. Jan x

tartantaz said...

Yeah blogging can take up alot of time initially. Once you get used to it, hopefully it will not take up as much time to post on your blog. Though, having said that catching up and posting messages on the many other blogs can take up alot of time too. Ach well it is good fun :)

T x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

hope you have fun in the snow with your boys suzie...

maria x

mrs tsv said...

have they made there snowmen yet? suzie.
hope you got lots of pics.
your blog looks lovely, well done.
gina xxxxxx

SueB said...

Thanks for all your comments girls!
And thank you for following my blog, it's still all so new, I'm really not sure what I'm doing at all, lol!
No we did'nt get around to making any snowmen today, but don't worry there's plenty left for tomorrow, must remember to take some pics too!
Suzie xxxxx :)