Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snowing again!!!

Oh yes, it's here again, but just a light dusting today to add to the magic, or chaos, depending which way you look at it! Personally, I love snow!

Well, try as I might, unfortunately I'm still having difficulty creating a slide show, boo hoo :( so it looks like it's back to photos for now. Thought you might like to see my latest mini album. I made this for Gemma, my January mini album swap partner. The theme this month was Hopes and Resolutions for 2010! I've tried to keep this one simple with lots of journaling spots and room for photos. Gemma has two little girls, so tried to make this one nice and girlie, which made a nice change for me, as I have two boys!
Anyway, I hope you like it and Gemma does too!

Take care out there everyone, and happy sparkles to you all!
Suzie xxxxx :)

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mrs tsv said...

gemma will love it suzie. i did my slide show with smile box suzie, and its dead easy. they have instructions every step of the way. and i didnt need help from no one. thats how easy it is. plus they have scrapbooks to play with, which again you can create and put them onto your blog, or send them to nannie. music too. but go for the basic or you have to pay for using your own music or theirs.
have a look on my blog and you can see for yourself.
iv got you on my blog list, feel free if you want to add mine to yours.

gina xxxxxx