Thursday, 4 February 2010

Old Sneaky Pants!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I've not been around for the last week or so, what a naughty blogger I am!
We hope to have some building work done on our house soon, so there's been lots of fun and games with sorting out builders, quotes and so on. The works not started yet, but hopfully soon! All we have to do now, is decide on a builder and work out how we're going to pay for it all, yikes!

Yesterday, I thought phew! at last a day to finally catch up with some fun stuff, (I think I thought too soon!) because then the phone rang, it was the school to tell me my little boy had been pushed over during break time and had cut his chin badly. So, I ended up taking the poor little sausage to hospital to have paper stitchs :(
So he's off school today having some Mummy time, snuggle on the sofa, biccies and a DVD, ah well, he was such a brave little man :)

I've soooo much catching up to do, not only on here, but also with my pals on Do Crafts. I have however managed to do a bit of crafting during all the crazyness, hooray!!!
I made a valentines card, and my second ATC, this ones off to my crafty pal Gina, who set this months challenge, "music from the year you were born" yikes! I'm delighted to say, I finished that to, pheweee! I've not posted it yet, but when Gina's not looking, I'll sneak it in my gallery for you all to have a peek at, lol!

Anyway, I hope you are all well :)
I've got a few bits an bobs to add to my gallery, but thought I must show you all this. It's our cat Murphy who made a tasty discovery last night in my little boys room. He was so delighted with himself he ran off to share his tasty news with his pal Pixie (our second cat) LOL!

Happy Crafting & Sparkles to you all! XXXXX


SusieJ said...

Sneaky indeed!
Good luck with the builders Suzie.
Sue xx

carolejgriffin said...

YAY!!! Suzie's back! Missed ya! Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending you brave little man lots of (gentle) hugs and sparkles suzie...

great to see you blogging again, and know what you mean with the builders, have the same round my daughter house, and need to house sit (and it's empty, so cold and boring, lol)... We've just got our building notice through, for some more of the work...

take care and hope you get some 'me' time soon...

maria x

Cathy said...

Welcome back Suzie - loving your cheeky cats! Hope the brave soldier is feeling better! xxx

sue-bubbles said...

Aw..I didnt know you had kitties Suzie, they are adorable! Oodles of sparkles for your little fella, I hope he feels better soon.
Sue x

tea_bag said...

Your pussy cats are wonderful I hope your little one is feeling better Fab to see you blogging alma xx

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Hope your little lad is feeling better today bless him! Sending some sparkles his way!
hugs Alyson xxxx


Hi Sue, luv your blog, thank you so much for leaving kind comments at mine x I am now one of your happy followers x Leigh x

P.S. your work is gorgeous x