Sunday, 16 May 2010

Some garden pals and a snoozy cat too :)

Hi Everyone!

I thought you might like to see our little garden visitor, she's a lovely dark rabbit called Jasmine who lives next door, she often pops into our garden has a nibble at the flowers and then bounces off home, lol!
We're very fond of her, and it's lovely to have a rabbit in the garden again:)

I've posted some pics of our lovely little bunny Barley who sadly died a couple of years ago :( but thought you may like to see him too, he was sooooo cute!

Ooooh and I popped in a pic of Murphy our ginger tom, I thought he looked very cute snoozing his troubles away, it's a hard life hey? lol!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Suzie xxxxxx :)


Carole said...

How funny!!! I just finished blogging and headed over to your blog only to find that you have also posted a pic of a snoozing cat!!! (Another of our little coincidences!) Gorgeous pics Suzie, what a darling little bunny and Murphy is so cute too!
Carole xxx

tea_bag said...

What fab photos and how wonderful to have a bunny visitor. Murphey is so cute and I love your cat alma x

jackie(worcs) said...

Awww lovely pics Suzie.
Jackie :-)

sue-bubbles said...

Lovely photos Suzie! Im definitely coming back as a CAT! lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely pictures suzie, and love your visitor, he's so cute...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous pics Suzie - your visitor makes me pine for the days we had rabbits.
Sue xx

Jennifer said...

Aww so cute! xx Jenny xx

jeanie g said...

Luv your cutie pets Suzie. jeanie g xx