Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Finally back with a few bits and bobs :)

A BIG hello to all my fellow bloggers :)

It's lovely to be back in blogland once more. Naughty blogger has kept me away far to long.

As some of you may know, I've had months of on/off problems with blogger, hense the reason for my lack of recent blogging, and my lack of comments on your lovely blogs too.

Anyway, it seems this week, we have become friends again, and blogger has decided to be kind, and not only let me post, but comment again too, hurray!!!!

So without further ado, I shall move swiftly on to all things crafty.
I wanted to share some lovely pics taken on my recent visit home to Dublin, did I say recent? well actually, it was August, gosh! where did that time go?!

The pics include some lovely views of Dublin taken on a family doggy walk, yes, all four of them!!
These pics were taken on Killiney Hill, a beauty hot spot in Dublin, and a big favourite for doggy walkers :)

I've also included some pics of some scrummy owls created by Marcus and Louise (my brother and sister) just love these!!!! And have copied the pattern to make some of my own too! Oh, and must just mention by Mum's lovely granny square throw in the background, she's a utter whizz at these, and they are so lovely and colourful, yep, I suppose when you think about it, we are a bit of a crafty lot, lol!

Finally, I have added some pics of Lou's amazing art work.
My sister Louise is amazingly tallented, and not only has a fashion degree, but also ran a popular craft market in Dublin for some time.
The detail on some of her artwork is simply amazing!! You might even recogise some kitchen utencils along the way, lol!

Also, look out for the fabric and wool details in her shadow box paintings, all handmade and died by Louise, simply amazing! even if not your to your taste.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling, and let you take a peek.

Happy Crafting everyone, It's lovely to be back!

Suzie xxxx :)


crafting to stay sane said...

Great to see you back Suzie! Thanks for sharing these great works of art with us! Hope all is well with you and yours! hugs Alyson x

Carole said...

Finally Suzie is back! YAY!!! Dublin looks beautiful, I'll have to go one day! Such a talented family, Louise's art is stunning, and those owls are gorgeous! I want one!!!

Hugs, Carole xxx

Sam Wright said...

Glad you back in one piece and wow your sister is very talented artist! There cool!! Love the photos as well looks like paradise in Dublin! So want to go there!! Glad your back xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

so pleased blog has let you back in suzie, I've missed your posts..

fab photos, (when I was in Dublin, all it did was rained, lol... saying that I still had a lovely visit)..

wow you are a talented family, all great and cannot wait to see your owls...

maria xx

Svjetlana said...

Hi Suzie, nice to see you back in blogland. You made Dublin looking really beautiful on your photos, my gosh, sometimes busy life don't let us notice all the beauty of a place we live in.
Art work of your sister is amazing, I love it and owls are cute.

Looking forward to see more of your posts

Svjetlana xx

craftattack said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you around again! The pictures your sister made are great, she really has talent! Hope you are keeping well! Hugs, Valerie