Friday, 7 December 2012

My Smashing December Daily :)

A big festive hello to all my followers :)

Just thought I'd drop by and show you what I've been up to these last few days.

This year, I was persuaded by a lovely friend to take part in the December Daily challenge.
For anyone not already familiar with this, it's basically a little album (handmade or otherwise) where you journal each day in December, add photos, embellish and journal a little something about each day, but mostly for the first 25 days running up to Christmas :)

After much thought, I decided to give it a whirl! but rather than making my own album, and knowing the added time that would take, I decided to use one of my wonderful smashbooks.

As Christmas is already a very hectic time, along with starting my new job, I told myself I wouldn't get too hung up on the whole daily thing, incase I fell behind.
So instead, decided to call mine "Christmas Memories" that way, I could include many festive memories from Christmas's passed too.

I decided to use the red Smashbook, so this is how it first looked...

And here's what I did with it, and how it looks now :)

I've made a good start, but now find I'm already three days behind, eeek! better get my skates on!

Will let you have a peek inside soon!

Hugs Suzie xxxx


Sandy Leigh said...

Hey I recognize that Smashbook--yes, we have the same Smashbook! I just did a little watercolor for my cover--but your Smashbook cover is amazing!! Gorgeous!! Isn't art journaling so therapeutic? I think it's the perfect therapy during the hectic holidays especially. I can't wait to see all your pages (at least the ones you want to share, I know some art journal pages are meant for the author's eyes only--I admit that.) I had to giggle about your cats going after the felt birds--I have made felt birds, and my cats were VERY interested! Have fun dearest--I'll check back soon!

Jan Hennings said...

Love this smash book!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab cover suzie...

maria xx

Anonymous said...

Love it!